Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SOLD SHOES: 12-18 mos

Shoes are sold individually.

Shoo Shoos is a brand similar to Robeez made in South Africa [ Link Here ]. Very good quality. These pairs are soft soled and new in packages, sized Large 12-18 mos. New they range in price from $12.95- 19.95. I am selling these for $9/pair or all 3 for $25.

Pic 1: Tan with brown velcro straps. Very sporty and cute.

Pic 2: Red with white stripes- my faves! Turtle wore his (smaller) red sneaker shoes with everything!!

Pic 3: Tan with white trim, fisherman sandal style.


Amber said...

stupid mother-to-be question: do 12-18 mo. old babies wear soft soled shoes very often? They're so cute, but I'm afraid they wouldn't get worn. You can email me a response, if you'd like...

Get Over It said...

amber- i emailed you :)

Amber said...

Thanks - got your email. What the hell, I'll take 'em. Too cute not to.