Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SOLD Group 20: 18-24 mos, summer

How cute are these outfits?

Left: Kelly green Polo pocket tee, like new. Janie and Jack seer sucker shorts. Tan with turtles- as you can imagine, I had to buy these b/c they had turtles on them but they were worn once, maybe twice. They are totally like new.

Right: Ticking striped camp shirt- light blue with orange. This shirt is what Janie and Jack is known for- details! The orange stripes are sewn, not printed and the buttons are sewn on with orange thread as well. This shirt strikes me as very Summer in Miami. LOL. The retro car detail is sewn and goes from front to back on one side. Khaki Janie and Jack cargo shorts with adjustable waist. Also like new!

Close up views of the embroidered car detail and the seersucker turtles.

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Amber said...

damn...I really like these too.

I'm going to need a second job...