Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SOLD GROUP 12: 12-18 mos, summer

This is 2 outfits from (my favorite brand) Tea Collection. Again, if you're not familiar you can check their websire Here to get an idea of their normal pricing and quality. Their items are really fun and funky!

Outfit 1: Indigo blue t-shirt with contrast stitching. Great color and snug fit. Cargo shorts in the coolest ever shade of green- matches the stitching in the shirt. The fabric is 100% cotton woven to have a little bit of texture.

Outfit 2: Orange/puce/navy striped polo. Fitted "hipster (Ray calls it)" style. Purchased at Neiman Marcus. Could also coordinate with the green shorts, but might be a little much... Deep orange shorts, same style as above.


Retail for over $100