Tuesday, December 16, 2008

UPDATE: christmas emergency

OK, y'all. Thanks for dutifully shopping the blog. Unfortunately, I just got slammed with a bunch of Christmas responsibilities and am putting the blog on hold until after the holiday. This will give you a chance to see what your little ones got for gifts anyway :)

Also, I am going to delete posts once the item has been paid for and is shipped. That will make it easier to see what is left. If you have any questions, post a comment and I'll email you back.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

SOLD Group 11: Toddler 18 mos, spring/summer

Three spring/summer camp shirts. These are actually varying sizes but were bought (and barely worn) for Tru for the same summer, as different stores run different sizing. Each of these was worn at least once but not more than 3 times, so they are in good-as-new condition.

Pic 1: Blue/white seersucker Polo camp shirt, labelled 18 mos and true to size; Janie & Jack white patchwork camp shirt in perfect condition, 18-24 mos; Gymboree plaid camp shirt with metal buttons, western styling, 12-18 mos but oversized.

Pic 2: Back of the Gymboree camp shirt has fun cowboy screen print.


SOLD Group 10: Toddler 18 mos, all season

This is a small lot of 3 Polo brand tops. These do show slight signs of wear and are priced accordingly. They are all '18 mos.'


Retail value: $75

SOLD Group 9: Toddler 18 mos, all season

This is a lot of 6 Polo brand tops- definitely enough to get a kid through a whole season!

Pic 1: Standard Polo in an assortment of colors. White shirt does have some staining on front and price has been adjusted accordingly. I still wanted to include it b/c it's great for banging around, layering or wearing somewhere (the park or beach) that you know it will get dirty.

Pic 2: Big Horse Polo w/ 3 on sleeve. Some fading at collar but in good shape otherwise

Retail Value: $165

Friday, December 12, 2008

SOLD Group 8: Young Toddler 6-12 mos, winter

This is a great lot of adorable and cooler-than-average outfits for winter. One of my fave brands for Truitt is Tea Collection. If you're not familair with the brand, they sell it at Nordstrom and Neimans, although I order on line for better selection. You can visit their website to get an idea of their quality and pricing. http://www.teacollection.com/site/index.htm

Pic 1: Gap l/s button down, onsie styling helps it stay tucked in. Only worn once; Baby Gap "Home Body" l/s onsie, washed but never worn; Gymboree brown, wide wale cords with patch pocket. These can mix and match to make a dressy or casual outfit. All are in good as new condition.

Pic 2: Polo cream zip neck sweater, cotton. Tea collection tan/brown plaid pants, flat front with pockets on back. This is one of my all time fave outfits Truitt ever wore. It's a testament to the high quality of the clothes that they still look great because they were worn several times.

Pic 3: Gymboree hoodie- french terry body with ribbed sweater sleeves and blue stitching; Crazy 8 l/s white shirt for layering, no stains; Tea Collection Kenji Dragon pants, olive with multi color embroidery on one leg. I got compliments and comments on these pants every.single.time Truitt wore them. Super cute!

Pic 4: Asstd sox from Gymboree, Gap and Crazy 8. All coordinate with outfits.

Here is a detail of the plaid pants from Tea.


Retail Value: $200+

SOLD Group 6: baby 0-6 mos, 3 season

Two Zutano all-in-one suits, gender neutral and in great condition. Button up the back and have small pocket on chest. Tan with monkey design and Brown with multi-stripe. Wonderful quality!

Front; Back
Retail Value: $56~

Group 5: Young toddler 3-6 mos, winter

This is a super cute lot of 12 winter items. Several pieces are 3 season and a few are NWT. Mixed brands, all 3-6 mos size.

Pic 1: Original Osh Kosh overalls NWT

Pic 2: Gap Baby reversable hoodie, brown with bear logo on both sides, super soft; Baby Gap quilted puffer vest, orange with gray fleece lining, like new; Gymboree fleece lined cotton jacket, green and orange with airplane pull on zipper, NWT; Baby Gap fleece sweatshirt, grayish blue with racoon; Gymboree cotton plaid snap shirt with pearl buttons, too cute!!

Pic 3: NWT Osh Kosh Henly, onsie style with camping motif; NWT baby gap turtleneck onsie with holiday-ish design on neck; Osh Kosh layered look onsie, yellow with navy, washed but never worn; Old Navy white onsie with green trim, says "little good luck charm" on front with clovers; Osk Kosh white l/s tshirt onsie (this is a real shirt, not a undershirt onsie) with pocket on sleeve and osh kosh logo in white

Pic 4: Carter's heavy cotton all-in-one, red with stripes on sleeves and race car design on front. No fading, hardly worn.


Retail Value: ~ $220

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Group 4: toddler 12-18 mos, winter

This is an 8 pc lot of sort of mix+match. Everything is in the same color family. Again, these really are 3 season as even the sweater is cotton (rather than wool) and good for cool spring or fall nights. Items are 12-18 mos, although there are a couple that are just '18 mos.'

Pic 1: Brown/white stripe l/s t shirt with orange collar from Gap; orange/white l/s polo from Gap worn once; NWT Children's Place polo brown with green and white stripes.

Khaki cargo pants from Children's Place also NWT, olive roll cuff cargo pants from Target- I know these technically aren't "name brand" but they are soooo cute. They have the roll cuff like a lot of J&J pants and are a fun cotton twill that reminds me of something like parachute pants. Tru got a lot of use of these and they still look great.

Cotton striped sweater from Gymboree. Button details on both sides. Washed once but never worn.

Pic 2: Tan Janie and Jack hoodie with yellow/brown racing stripe on sleeves; l/s hooded t-shirt w/ layered look sleeves from Gymboree, like new.

Pic 3: Another view of the 3 shirts from Pic 1


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SOLD Group 2: Toddler 12 mos, 3 season

This is a group of all Polo/ Ralph Lauren tops. All pieces are "12 mos." Like most "winter clothes" a lot of the stuff that could be listed as "winter" is really good for year round since the climate in Houston never calls for a true winter wardrobe. Also, I included a couple short sleeve pieces for layering, never mind the fact that you can have a 75 degree day out of nowhere in January (like Truitt's birthday party last year).

Pic 1: The whole group of 9 pieces

Pic 2: 2 cotton sweaters. Striped is NWT. Zip cardigan does show some signs of wear (fading at the seams) but it doesn't take away from the sweater and honestly doesn't look as bad in person as it does in the picture due to the flash. This is one of the cutest pieces Tru ever owned and I am sad that I couldn't get another size up for this year.

Pic 3: 2 Short sleeve tops. The red polo has a large sailing/flag type applique on the back. Very cool. It is cream and white stripes. Some light fading on the twill collar. The white tshirt is plain on the back.

Pic 4: Maroon cotton pique l/s polo. Large crest yellow and blue striped rugby. Hunter green horse rugby.

Not pictured: 2 piece navy track suit with wide, white stripe down the sleeves and pants. heavy cotton knit. Because it's navy, it does show some fading but not bad. Paid over $125 for it new at Neimans.


Group retail value: $400+

Group 1: Toddler 12-18 mos, winter

Group 1 is Baby Gap and Crazy 8. These are pretty casual, fun items and mostly mix and match in to complete outfits. All pieces are 12-18 mos and many can be worn year round or at least for 3 seasons. Because the winter is so short in Houston, we do a lot of layering in the cold weeks. :)

Pic 1: The BEST denim overalls around (Gap)- lined with super soft cotton jersey. Excellent condition. Paired with a Gap l/s onsie in navy and gray, has Gap bear logo on small chest pocket. 6 pairs of athletic sox from Gap and Crazy 8.

Pic 2: Crazy 8 athletic gray hoodie with '08' on front. This has some "raw" edges around the pocket and was that way new. White l/s onsie is also Crazy 8 and does have some yellow discoloration on front. I wanted to include it to layer under other pieces so outfits are readily available. If you don't want it, I can take $1 off the price of the group. Paired with navy Gap sweats, drawstring. Also, Gap athletic pants- cotton twill with sporty stripes down the side. Looooved these and wore them in summer and fall. Fading at bottom cuff.

Pic 3: Super soft cotton all in one from Baby Gap. Like new (only worn 1 or 2 times)

Pic 4: One footie zip pajama; one 2 piece red with navy dinosaurs.


Group retail price: ~$90