Saturday, August 15, 2009

SOLD 55: 3 18/24 mos Polo knit shirts

TOP: Royal blue l/s pique polo. Size is 18mos. No fading, excellent condition.

MIDDLE: Navy s/s pique polo. Size 18-24 mos. Faded and some signs of wear, but good for play clothes or layering.

BOTTOM: Red l/s knit tshirt. Excellent condition. Size is 24 mos


SOLD 54: 18-24 mos Crazy 8 2 pc outfit

Super cute and hip outfit from Crazy 8. White l/s polo with distressed logo in black. Charcoal gray cargo pants with black pinstripes. Both pieces like new.

56: 2T cotton Polo sweater

Gray cotton knit Polo sweater with navy logo

Flat cotton knit (as opposed to the chunky knit of previously listed black sweater), half zip. Light weight for a sweater and sizing on this was a little more generous than you usually get with Polo. Machine washable and in excellent condition. Retail for $70+

Detail of neck and knit:

Also, if you want I can throw in these Gap track pants. Navy with gray stripe. They have a little bleach spot on the top right, near the waistband. T would wear these with the sweater and a tshirt for banging around and travelling. Very sporty and cute together :) I'm not 100% sure but these may be 18-24 mos.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

SOLD 55: mixed lot 18-24 mos, fall winter

Great mixed of Janie and Jack, Gap, Gymboree and Old Navy

This picture came out kind of weird but you can get a better idea of colors in the pictures below.

TOP LEFT: Green J&J fleece oull over with brown trim. Snap placket and front kangaroo pocket. Excellent condition

TOP RIGHT: J&J gray and white stripe tee with polar bear on front. Green band collar coordinates with the fleece pullover. Excellent condition.

BOTTOM LEFT: Navy and gold stripe rugby from Old Navy. Washed once but never worn.

MIDDLE RIGHT: Red Gymboree cotton knit sweater with fleece lined half neck. Very cute as a sweater or jacket. Button placket and ribbed detail. Kangaroo pocket.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Gap "Original Fit" 5 pocket jeans. These are soooo cute- very big boy. I've already bought T's 3t for this winter. :)


SOLD 54: 24 mos Polo cotton sweater

Polo thick cotton knit 1/2 zip sweater. Comparable sweater on selling for $75.

Black with multi-color Polo logo. Excellent condition. Cotton knit great for long wear in Houston!

Detail of knit:


SOLD 53: 2 24mos longsleeve Polo shirts

2 long sleeve pique knit Polo shirts with logo. 24 mos.

TOP: Navy with maroon horse logo. Slightly faded around collar and placket.

BOTTOM: Cherry red with bright blue logo. Excellent condition- no fading due to barely worn.


52: 24 mos Polo lambswool sweater

Polo 1/2 zip sweater. Lambswool and 10% Angora. Super soft and comfy for winter. Retails for $90. Comparable sweaters on currently selling for $110. Call me crazy, I know, but now you can have it for less than half that!
In excellent condition. Kicker is Dry Clean Only. Has been cleaned once but could probably use another go before wearing this winter.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SOLD 51: 3 pieces 12 mos Charlie Rocket FUN

Charlie Rocket polo, t shirt and shorts. Bought locally at Nordstrom and ordered on line.
Fun stuff!

TOP LEFT: Mint green "pirate ship" polo with blue design. Skull on front and pirate ship on back

TOP RIGHT: Lime green tshirt with surfer. Meant to look vintage so washed out/faded.

BOTTOM:dark brown shorts with contrasting trim and pockets

Back of polo


SOLD 51: 2 12 mos Polo camp shirts

Polo Camp shirts, 12 mos. Both in like new condition. Retail for $30+

LEFT: Dark pink with blues, tan and greens. Bandana/paisley print. Button collar

RIGHT: Bright plaid. Super soft, no fading. Really like new.

Close up of prints


SOLD 50: 3-6 mos Gymboree outfits

LEFT: Red/orange plaid button down with front pockets. Burro applique w/ cactus. Matching dark khaki shorts with burro. Excellent condition. Hardly worn.

CENTER: Gymboree romper with cool beetle applique. Like new.

RIGHT: Red romper with dog and "woof" applique. Great condition. No fading.


49: 3-6 mos gender neutral 2 piece outfit

Trendy Kicky Pants brand. Eco friendly, super soft line is sold through several baby boutiques in Houston. This is a bamboo lounge set with frog pattern. Gender neutral.
Can also be worn as pajamas. Purchased at Tulips and Tutus in the Heights.

48: 6 mos Carter's 2 piece set NWT

Layered look navy polo with "Stomp" applique design. Matching olive green twill cargo pants.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

47: NWT 6-9 Mos outfits

NWT and still on the store hangers- great shower or new baby gifts!

LEFT: "first impressions" brand from Macy's. Heather gray and green construction motif. 3 piece set- long sleeve onsie, knit pants, bib.

RIGHT: Cowboy bear "MultiVitamins" 4 piece set from Macy's: Long sleeve onsie, knit pants, bib and socks.

Back view of construction pants and close up of cowboy bear print.
Retail $10 per set

46: NWT 6 mos 2 piece outfit

Little Me brand 2 piece outfit from Nordstrom. NWT. Great for fall thru spring weather.

Shirt: Kimono style, light blue pique with baby blue and brown trim. Applique giraffe pull toy.
Pants: Coordinating color strips in a super-soft knit
Retail price: $29

SOLD 45: Four 3-6 mos shortalls

Super comfy cotton knits for everyday. Generous Gymboree 3-6 mos sizing and fun motifs. All in excellent condition.

TOP LEFT: Moped motif- orange and light blue with applique scooters. Says "Beep Beep"

BOTTOM LEFT: Single applique scooter on orange with embroidered scooters on patch pockets

TOP RIGHT: Yellow with gray donkey applique. Says "Hee Haw"

BOTTOM RIGHT: Pale green Turtle applique with darker green raglan sleeves


SOLD 44: Four pairs 18-24 mos GAP pajamas

3 long sleeve sleep sets and 1 footed sleeper. From Gap so of course they have cute designs. "Good" condition- no holes or stains but obviously have seen some washes. Retail for $19-22 each.


43: Two 6-9 mos Polo footie outfits NEW

LEFT: Pale blue pique with light blue horse logo. Green and blue grosgrain button placket. Polo collar, snaps down back. NWT.

RIGHT: Navy/light blue stripe with navy collar in soft cotton knit. Snaps down back. NWOT (never washed or worn).


42: 2 3-6 mos rompers

Baby Gap and Polo one piece short outfits. Both snap at the leg and in back for easy on and off.

3-6 mos and in excellent condition.


SOLD 41: Baby Shortalls from Mini Boden

2 great short alls from Mini Boden, who sells some of the cutest boy clothes going!
LEFT: Pale blue with red apple. Size 0-3 mos. Like new.
RIGHT: Denim blue with banana. Size 3-6 mos but you can tell from the picture that they are almost the same size and Mathis grew out of the 2nd one soon after he grew out of the 1st one. I love Mini Boden but this is not the only time I have had issue with size consistency. That's why it's best to buy their stuff 2nd hand! Ha!
Retail Price: $28 each

SOLD 40: 0-3 mos Zutano 6 pieces Mix'n'Match

This is a great set for anyone who is expecting a baby boy this fall when Houston weather is unpredictable. Great mix'n'match pieces for all weather. Just right for 1st visitors and outings. Each piece has been worn less than 4 times (the dog onsie only once). In excellent condition and super cute! Size 0-3 mos. Retail for set over $65


39: BRITAX Companion car seat base


Currently on for $59.99


38: 3 0-6 mos Zutano all in ones

3 super cute and super easy Zutano all in ones. They size them 0-6 mos because the quality is so nice they are expected to last forever!

LEFT: Sea animals- jelly fish and snakes and fish/sharks- with cute sayings like "Yikes!"

CENTER: Blue/brown/turquoise/yellow/red stripes

RIGHT: Brown and white thin stripes

Retail for ~$18 each


SOLD 37: Newborn Zutano 3 piece outfit

Zutano "Itsy Bitsy" outfit!

Perfect outfit for 1st visitors, even coming home from the hospital. They outgrow this little stuff so quickly but you still want something cute for when they meet friends and relatives for the 1st time. This is "newborn" sizing and was worn about 2-3 times. In excellent condition- Zutano is such great quality! Over $30 retail at Women's Work


SOLD 36: 18-24 mos SUPER CUTE Gap shirts

T went through quite the spurt in the last couple of months and outgrew a bunch of stuff current from this season! These great Gap shirts are as cute as they come for little boys!

LEFT: short sleeve button down. blue and white stripes with white embroidery. Like new!

RIGHT: Long sleeve button down- crisp summer poplin. Light blue with dark blue embroidery. Has tabs to roll and button sleeves (Big trend at Gap this year, I guess). Excellent condition!


SOLD 35: 3-6 mos Summer Terry Outfits

My chunky monkey grew out of these very quickly but there is still a lot of heat left in Houston for your baby to get some use out of them! Both have only been worn ONCE and are current lines from Baby Gap and Gymboree. Cotton terry, 3-6 mos. Like new!


SOLD 34: 18-24 mos mix'n'match fall shirts

TOP: Gymboree 1/2 zip cotton knit pull over. Actually a 2T.

BOTTOM: Crazy 8 fun germ l/s tshirt. 18-24 mos. Both in "good" condition

Crazy 8 hooded pull over with garbage truck. I almost feel bad about selling this since T loooved it so much. Boys! Ha! In great condition, 18-24 mos

TOP: Crazy 8 l/s tee with digger. In rubble it says "Earth Mover." Another boy fave- dark green with orange. Coordinates with both pull overs. 18-24 mos. Good condition.

BOTTOM: Orange/green stripe l/s tee with brown band collar. Coordinates with both pull overs. 18-24 mos. Good condition.


33: 6-9 mos NWT Kissy Kissy Farm Outfit

Sorry for the bad picture, but if you click it it will go full screen and you'll be able to see more of the detail. This is NWT Kissy Kissy- by far the softest baby clothes out there. Cute farm motif with plaid turn up cuffs. These outfits retail for $30-40 at department stores in this size range. This would be a great gift, as well!