Friday, January 23, 2009

UPDATE: Finishing up this round of sales

Hey Mommas!

Thanks so much for 'shopping' on The Goods. As you can tell, almost everything I listed last week has sold. I do have more to sell (mostly smaller sizes) but I really, really need to get all these bags and boxes out of my office before I can drag anymore down from storage. So, look for new listings starting next Tuesday...

I really appreciate you guys recycling with me and allowing me to keep on keepin' on with the cute Turtle clothes!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

SOLD GROUP 24: 12-18 mos, spring/summer


Pic 1: OK I admit these technically are not shorts, but they can be! Janie and Jack roll leg clam diggers. If you shop J&J, you know they sell this style every year. They can be worn as pants or rolled/cuffed to 2 different lengths. These are pale khaki (but slighly darker than they look in the picture) with lots of fun details like grometted pockets.

Pic 2: Top- Janie and Jack cotton twill khaki shorts with cargo pockets. The best basic shorts for boys out there. These have a couple of teeny spots (grease, what does my kid eat?) near the zipper. Bottom- Gap super summer shorts- lightweight linen style cotton. White/khaki/brown stripes with cute patch pockets and snap fly. Excellent condition!

Pic 3: left- Janie and Jack marine bluecasual shorts. They are cotton poplin and remind me of something you would wear sailing... These are new, tags still attached. right: Gymboree navy plaid cargo shorts. Flat front. Excellent condition.


SOLD GROUP 23: 12-18 mos, spring/summer

This is 3 pairs of the best bang around shorts going. Gymboree cotton jersey knit in red, navy and orange. Awesome for anytime when comfort is key. They have pockets and drawstring waist- all in excellent condition.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SOLD GROUP 22: 12-18 mos, all season

Your basic boy pants needed for every wardrobe. Perfect for inbetween seasons and dressing up in the summer.

Left: Brown flat front pants from Old Navy. Really cute fit!
Center: Khakis from Janie and Jack- herringbone makes them a little different from your standard khakis. Flat front.
Right: Crazy 8 olive green cargo pants. Adjustable waist.

Group 22: 18-24 mos, summer

Three summer all-in-ones. Easy, breezy for hot Texas days :)

Left: Crazy 8 brown and orange all-in-one with polo collar. Shows some signs of washing/wear around seams.

Center: Janie and Jack light olive and pale turquoise all-in-one with baseball style top and cool, retro Woody surf design applique. Excellent condition.

Right: Hanna Anderssen summer stripe sleeveless all-in-one. Their soft cotton is wonderful and these clothes last and last. Turquoise and lime stripes- this was a fave for apres-swim! Ha! Shows no signs of wash, no fading but there is a small area with some discoloration. I honestly hesitate to call it a stain. I believe it's just from storage...

Close up and back view

SOLD Group 21: 12-18 mos, summer

More shorts! These aren't outfits anymore because someone bought all the Polos that Turtle used to wear with them (jessssssss) BUT they are so cute and fun and easy enough to get tops that go with...

Left: Quicksilver flat front shorts in olive greenish khaki. These are total little man shorts! Purchased at Nordstrom. Retail for $30. Excellent condition

Center: Old Navy plaid cargo shorts in black/yellow/tan/orange. Very summery and versitile and in excellent condition

Right: Puma bermuda shorts in green/blue plaid with blue Puma motif. Also from Nordstrom and hardly worn- maybe 3-4 times. Really nice, light linenish fabric with cargo pockets. Flat front. Retail around $30 as well...

View of back


SOLD Group 20: 18-24 mos, summer

How cute are these outfits?

Left: Kelly green Polo pocket tee, like new. Janie and Jack seer sucker shorts. Tan with turtles- as you can imagine, I had to buy these b/c they had turtles on them but they were worn once, maybe twice. They are totally like new.

Right: Ticking striped camp shirt- light blue with orange. This shirt is what Janie and Jack is known for- details! The orange stripes are sewn, not printed and the buttons are sewn on with orange thread as well. This shirt strikes me as very Summer in Miami. LOL. The retro car detail is sewn and goes from front to back on one side. Khaki Janie and Jack cargo shorts with adjustable waist. Also like new!

Close up views of the embroidered car detail and the seersucker turtles.

SOLD Group 19: 12-18 mos, summer

This may be almost all the shorts you need: 5 pairs of spring/summer shorts in 12-18 mos.

Old Navy patchwork shorts in greens/browns with orange. Fun and very summery. Janie and Jack army green cargo shorts with adjustable waist. Like new and go with everything.

Gap navy blue shorts with adjustable waist and cargo pockets. Longer length. Great staple, go with everything!

Gap rinsed red shorts. Longer, Bermuda or surfer style cotton poplin. These have the snaps up the legs for easy diaper changes. They are super preppy, although Truitt typically wore them with a skull and crossbones tshirt and chucks, so I would say flexible :). Like new. Janie and Jack olive green cargos with white ticking stripes. Basically a nice neutral but for some reason I loved them with a navy Polo... Bronze metal buttons.


SOLD Group 18: 18 mos, summer

Can you say hip?

This is a rare single item. This super cute shirt from my fave online 'boutique' [OlieBollen ] was barely ever worn for no good reason b/c I looove it. It's a slim, kinda hipster fit- super soft cotton. The plain red (as opposed to plaid) part is a knit jersey and it's got great bronze snaps.

It's a total steal!! I hope someone really enjoys it!!


SOLD Group 17: 18 mos, summer

This is a great lot of mix'n'match, heavy in everyone's fave brand, Polo! Three tops and three shorts to mix and match.

Great casual tops:

Green and blue striped polo from Gap. This is actually 18-24 mos, but Truitt wore it with white or khaki shorts last summer, so I included it here.

Polo 18 mos tshirt in navy- this has some small, minor grease spots on the bottom but they're really only noticable if you're looking.

The last t-shirt was a last minute addition. It shows definite signs of wear, mostly due to being white, but if you want something cute to wear somewhere dirty, this is a great shirt. It's a Polo ringer tee, 18 mos with embroidered (rather than printed) crest in the pocket and it has a large, navy "3" on the back.

Mix & Match Shorts:

The 1st pair is a dark khaki pair of Polo, 18 mos. These were only worn once or twice. There is a little discoloration on the leg but it's weird- not a stain. Looks like it should come out in the wash and is probably a result of being in storage. See photo above. Polo horse on leg.

White Polo shorts. I ordered these at the end of the season from the website and I think they were worn once. Perfect condition! Cute cargo pockets on the front. 18 mos.

Blue ticking stripe Gap shorts. Adjustable waist- these are 12-18 mos but have plenty of room. Truitt was still wearing them pulled in last summer, so I thought they would be perfect with this lot. He wore them with both the tshirts in this lot. They are soooo cute and in great shape. They scream 'summer!'


SOLD Group 16: 18-24 mos, summer


Sorry about the shadow in these pics! Stupid sunlight through the windows! Anyhoo...
Three great bathing suits!!
Top: Gymboree orange and blue shark suit with waterproof liner.
Bottom left: Janie and Jack board shorts in green/brown stripes. Embroidered palm tree design on one leg. Mash liner.
Bottom right: Janie and Jack board shorts. Terracotta color with tan and baby blue surf board design. Mesh liner.

SOLD GROUP 15: 18 mos, summer

Two super fun spring/summer outfits!

The t-shirts are both Crazy 8 brand and are in great shape. They both have fun skateboard motifs on the front. The one on the left is slightly offwhite with red stitching. Right is brown with white stitching.

Blue/red plaid shorts are Quicksilver, purchased at Nordstrom. They gargo pockets and a small label on one pocket, plus the brand embroidered on the back. Adjustable waist and flat front fit.

Brown/blue plaid shorts from Gymboree. Drawstring detail, fixed elastic waist. Cargo pockets and relaxed fit.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Group 14: 12 months, 3 season

Single outfit, new with tags. Greendog brand from Macy's. Very cute and sporty!

Pique polo onsie with sporty stripes across the chest and sleeves. Knit, drawstring pants in Navy with lighter blue tie and pockets.


SOLD GROUP 13: 12 mos, summer

This is a great opportunity to get a leg up on swim season! Two lined bathsuits with coordinating t-shirts for lounging.

Outfit 1: White Polo t-shirt with pocket. This has some light staining around the collar and is intended more as something to throw on at the beach or pool. The swim trunks are a tropical patchwork pattern from Gymboree. I cannot honestly remember Truitt ever wearing these. They have a thick liner that I think can be worn without a swim diaper...
Outfit 2: Red Polo pocket tee, great condition. Polo swim trunks with back label, navy and white stripes. Also in great condition, but were definitely well worn.

SOLD GROUP 12: 12-18 mos, summer

This is 2 outfits from (my favorite brand) Tea Collection. Again, if you're not familiar you can check their websire Here to get an idea of their normal pricing and quality. Their items are really fun and funky!

Outfit 1: Indigo blue t-shirt with contrast stitching. Great color and snug fit. Cargo shorts in the coolest ever shade of green- matches the stitching in the shirt. The fabric is 100% cotton woven to have a little bit of texture.

Outfit 2: Orange/puce/navy striped polo. Fitted "hipster (Ray calls it)" style. Purchased at Neiman Marcus. Could also coordinate with the green shorts, but might be a little much... Deep orange shorts, same style as above.


Retail for over $100

SOLD SHOES: 12-18 mos

Shoes are sold individually.

Shoo Shoos is a brand similar to Robeez made in South Africa [ Link Here ]. Very good quality. These pairs are soft soled and new in packages, sized Large 12-18 mos. New they range in price from $12.95- 19.95. I am selling these for $9/pair or all 3 for $25.

Pic 1: Tan with brown velcro straps. Very sporty and cute.

Pic 2: Red with white stripes- my faves! Turtle wore his (smaller) red sneaker shoes with everything!!

Pic 3: Tan with white trim, fisherman sandal style.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Goods Is Back In Business!

I currently have a huge Rubbermaid bin I am sorting, grouping and taking pictures of. I expect to list several bundles of Spring/Summer baby and toddler clothes next week. I also have some gear to unload, like a never used Chicco pack'n'play. Please stay tuned and thanks so much for your continued interest!