Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SOLD Group 17: 18 mos, summer

This is a great lot of mix'n'match, heavy in everyone's fave brand, Polo! Three tops and three shorts to mix and match.

Great casual tops:

Green and blue striped polo from Gap. This is actually 18-24 mos, but Truitt wore it with white or khaki shorts last summer, so I included it here.

Polo 18 mos tshirt in navy- this has some small, minor grease spots on the bottom but they're really only noticable if you're looking.

The last t-shirt was a last minute addition. It shows definite signs of wear, mostly due to being white, but if you want something cute to wear somewhere dirty, this is a great shirt. It's a Polo ringer tee, 18 mos with embroidered (rather than printed) crest in the pocket and it has a large, navy "3" on the back.

Mix & Match Shorts:

The 1st pair is a dark khaki pair of Polo, 18 mos. These were only worn once or twice. There is a little discoloration on the leg but it's weird- not a stain. Looks like it should come out in the wash and is probably a result of being in storage. See photo above. Polo horse on leg.

White Polo shorts. I ordered these at the end of the season from the website and I think they were worn once. Perfect condition! Cute cargo pockets on the front. 18 mos.

Blue ticking stripe Gap shorts. Adjustable waist- these are 12-18 mos but have plenty of room. Truitt was still wearing them pulled in last summer, so I thought they would be perfect with this lot. He wore them with both the tshirts in this lot. They are soooo cute and in great shape. They scream 'summer!'


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Would you be willing to let the shorts go separate? - Karey