Friday, December 12, 2008

SOLD Group 8: Young Toddler 6-12 mos, winter

This is a great lot of adorable and cooler-than-average outfits for winter. One of my fave brands for Truitt is Tea Collection. If you're not familair with the brand, they sell it at Nordstrom and Neimans, although I order on line for better selection. You can visit their website to get an idea of their quality and pricing.

Pic 1: Gap l/s button down, onsie styling helps it stay tucked in. Only worn once; Baby Gap "Home Body" l/s onsie, washed but never worn; Gymboree brown, wide wale cords with patch pocket. These can mix and match to make a dressy or casual outfit. All are in good as new condition.

Pic 2: Polo cream zip neck sweater, cotton. Tea collection tan/brown plaid pants, flat front with pockets on back. This is one of my all time fave outfits Truitt ever wore. It's a testament to the high quality of the clothes that they still look great because they were worn several times.

Pic 3: Gymboree hoodie- french terry body with ribbed sweater sleeves and blue stitching; Crazy 8 l/s white shirt for layering, no stains; Tea Collection Kenji Dragon pants, olive with multi color embroidery on one leg. I got compliments and comments on these pants every.single.time Truitt wore them. Super cute!

Pic 4: Asstd sox from Gymboree, Gap and Crazy 8. All coordinate with outfits.

Here is a detail of the plaid pants from Tea.


Retail Value: $200+

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